Sullivan County Recreation Association Invites You To Complete A Quick Survey

Do you dream about learning to swim?  Do you long for a safe, ice-free place to walk for exercise during the winter months?  Would you be interested in taking classes about wellness or fly-fishing, or stopping by for a healthy snack at an internet cafe?  The Sullivan County Recreation Association is revisiting options to establish a Community Wellness Center.   The vision statement for this initiative is:

“We envision a multi-generational regional wellness and cultural community center, that will provide facilities for sports, health and fitness as well as venues for gathering together to socialize, to share ideas and knowledge and to achieve common goals.” 

The goals are high and achieving these will take vast amounts of time, talent, energy and financial resources.  We feel the benefits to Sullivan County are priceless. 

We would like to understand the perspectives of everyone, young and old, from every corner of Sullivan County.  A survey for residents, both year-round and seasonal, has been developed to determine the needs of the county.

If you have an internet connection and are able to access the survey online at:
We would appreciate a digital response as it will be easier to compile the data.

However, if you prefer, please complete the survey here and return to: 
Sullivan County Recreation Association
PO Box 307
Laporte, PA 18626.

Please forward the link or photocopy the survey and send to any family or friends who live in Sullivan County and those who may be seasonal residents.

The survey will be available online until the Sullivan County Health Fair on October 26, 2019.  Thank you for your participation.