UncoveringPA: Hiking To The Ketchum Run Gorge In Loyalsock State Forest

Loyalsock State Forest in Sullivan County is home to many beautiful natural features including many great waterfalls. Some of these, like Dry Run Falls, are well-known. Others, are located far from the road on trails or even located off of the main trails.
There are four waterfalls along Ketchum Run in Ketchum Run Gorge. One of these waterfalls is along the Loyalsock Trail, which meanders for a short distance along the creek. Another is just off the trail, but is easy to miss. The other two, however, are off the main trail and only seen by those that know where to look.
Rode Falls is a highlight of Ketchum Run Gorge.
I decided that I wanted to see all four and headed out for a somewhat long, but relatively easy hike to see them. All told, this loop is roughly 4-4.5 miles in length
The Ketchum Run Trail is a lightly trafficked trail that starts behind a gate on High Knob Road. The trail is wide and easy to follow as it meanders its way through the woods. Several trails come off from the side, but continue following the yellow and blue blazes.