Swift911 Weather Alert Phone Calls Notice

On the morning of 4/4/2018 at 3:40am a warning notification was sent to Sullivan County residents from the National Weather Service of a High Winds Warning for all of Sullivan County through the Swift911 Notification system that the county implemented in March of 2018. This notification system (Swift911) was implemented to inform the residents and businesses of Sullivan County of any imminent danger due to weather so the people can take necessary action to the specific weather warning that is issued.

Most of the residents who received this call received it because Swift911 uses a partner company who can collect public telephone numbers and create a database for users in the public safety field. The residents who received this call have public/listed telephone numbers. Others who have received the notification signed up for the services and this is a field they have chosen.

This was our first use of the Swift911 notification system and we are still working on the content for public notices. We have the best intentions in notifying the public of life threatening weather alerts to try to ensure the safety of the residents and businesses of Sullivan County. Since the notification this morning we have made some changes to how certain alerts will be disseminated. As of now, you will only receive the phone calls if there is a Flash Flood Warning, Flood Warning, Hurricane Warning or Tornado Warning.

Those who do not want these notifications can go to the Swift911 portal on the Sullivan County webpage located here.  www.sullivancounty-pa.us/services/emergency-services/ and remove yourself from these services.

You must click on the add/remove tab on the first page. Then Unsubscribe from phone calls tab and put the phone number that you want removed from the call list. If this is done, you will not receive any notifications in the future.  If you change your mind, you will have to create an account and select which type of notifications you wish to receive.