• Licenses: Dog License - (PA Department of Agriculture)

  • Fishing License - (PA Fish & Boat Commission)

  • Hunting & Antlerless Deer License - (PA Game Commission)

  • Sportsman Firearm Permits - (PA State Police)

  • Bingo Licenses

  • Small Games of Chance Licenses


Issuing of receipts for all revenue received (Examples - Real Estate Taxes collected by local tax collectors turned in monthly; Row Offices - monthly fines and costs; Money received from Commonwealth of PA, etc.) Then daily deposits to the bank. All bills are initialed and approved by County Commissioners. The checks are typed in accounting and brought to office along with a check register for each account. We finish processing and do appropriate withdrawals or transfers to cover checks. All checks must have Commissioner's signature stamp AND the treasurer or deputy treasurer's live signature. Bank statements are reconciled in Treasurer's Office.


Contact Treasurer

Sullivan County Treasurer
245 Muncy Street
P.O. Box 116
Laporte, PA 18626

1-570-946-7595 (Fax)


Kathy A. Robbins – County Treasurer
Terry Markee – First Deputy Treasurer
Katrina Wilkins – Second Deputy Treasurer