To serve as a public resource in the energy industries in Sullivan County; foster relationships with the industries, regulators and citizens of Sullivan County; address rumors and/or dispel myths about energy development and to provide a forum for related discussions, seminars and meetings. The task force is not a government agency nor does it establish any official action at its meetings.

  • Specifically the Task Force is to focus on the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry but is also interested in alternate sources of energy which have benefits, such as wind and bio-fuels. Energy savings is another consideration of the Task Force.

  • Consists of citizens and professionals organized within several sub-committees which are sensitive to the concerns of the community in the energy industry within Sullivan County.

The sub-committees are as follows:

Economic Development, Government Relations, Public safety, Planning, Environment, Public Education, Public Relations, Infrastructure, and Industry Relations.

The Task Force needs to be aware of its limitations, and should partner with DEP, County Commissioners, energy companies, and township and municipal officials for the benefit of the community.

  • The Task Force cannot give legal or financial advice, but the Task Force should encourage the property owners to take these issues to professionals in the industry. ( and are two useful sites for use.)

  • The individual sub-committees are encouraged to meet and make monthly presentations to the Task Force and public. Individual sub-committees should take turns in recommending a program for monthly meeting.

  • To educate the community, a link should be created and maintained on the County government website. The public relations sub-committee should update this site at least quarterly as well as provide articles for the Sullivan Review on various related topics. The information on the site and articles can be related to natural gas as well as other energy topics. This site is updated periodically.

  • The Task Force has subscribed to the State ENOTICE system such that email notification of each applied for and/or approved well permit in Sullivan County, Pa is received by the Task Force. Location of approved permit sites should be mapped. A letter to the property owner should be sent informing the owner of contact names at DEP. First line of help is DEP. It is important to verify issues, and the Task Force would like to be informed of any issues.

  • The success of the Task Force as a whole depends upon the diligence of each sub-committee to be active within its various scope of interest. The chairs of each sub-committee should feel they have the flexibility and creativeness for its success.

Contact Energy Task Force

John Silla Chair

Ted Christini Vice Chair