Drug And Alcohol Counseling Now Available In Sullivan County

A Better Today (ABT) has begun providing Drug and Alcohol counseling services for Sullivan County. The Sullivan County Board of Commissioners encourage anyone that wants to utilize this service to please contact ABT at (570) 344-1444 or (570) 265-6700. It has taken over a year and a half to be able to provide these services in Sullivan County. The Commissioners are excited that we can finally offer drug and alcohol counseling to the citizens of Sullivan County. The goal is to be able to provide more behavioral health counseling services for residents so that people don’t have to drive out of the county. This is one step in that direction. The Sullivan County Medical Center currently offers tele-psychiartry services. Pennsylvania leads the nation in drug overdoses among men aged 12-25. And we are ninth in the nation across the general population.

ABT has an office at the courthouse and they will expand hours as their client base grows to include evening sessions. They will accept anyone seeking treatment whether or not they have insurance. They feel treatment should be considered for everyone and they do not want insurance to impede treatment needs. They will also support families of those affected by drug and alcohol abuse as well as the one suffering.

ABT has a twenty-nine-year history of out-patient substance abuse treatment programs serving the citizens of Northeast Pennsylvania. Since their inception in 1988, ABT has become a specialist in evidence-based programming.

A Better Today provides some or all of the following Alcohol and Drug services:

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Screening / Assessment Services
  • Quantitative Testing and Evaluation Services.
  • Intervention Services.
  • Out-patient AOD Therapy Services.
  • Intensive Out-patient Therapy Services.
  • Individual Therapy Services.
  • Partial Hospitalization Services.

If you would like to find out more about ABT please give them a call at (570) 344-1444 or (570) 265-6700. They want to make a difference for Sullivan County.

November 8, 2016 Unofficial General Election Results

Below are unofficial election result totals from the November 8, 2016 General Election. If you have any questions please call the Election Bureau at (570) 946-5201.

General Election Results

President of The United States United States Senator
  • Hillary Clinton (D) – 756
  • Donald Trump (R) – 2,318
  • Katie McGinty (D) – 873
  • Pat Toomey (R) – 2,049
Attorney General Auditor General
  • Josh Shapiro (D) – 1,001
  • John Rafferty (R) – 2,069
  • Eugene A. Depasquale (D) – 960
  • John Brown (R) – 1,916
State Treasurer Representative in Congress – 10th District
  • Joe Torsella (D) – 1,013
  • Otto Voit (R) – 1,845
  • Mike Molesevich (D) – 792
  • Thomas A. Marino (R) – 2,305
Senator in the General Assembly – 23rd District Representative in the General Assembly – 110th District
  • Gene Yaw (R) – 2,576
  • Tina L. Pickett (R) – 2,780
Ballot Question – Judge Retirement Age
  • Yes – 1,787
  • No – 1,178

2016 General Election Notice

The General Election will be held on November 8, 2016. The last day to register, change your address or party is October 11, 2016.

You may register to vote or make changes in person, by mail or by logging onto pavotes.com.

Absentee ballots may be requested until November 1, 2016. All ballots must be received by 5:00 p.m. on November 4, 2016.

Commissioners Corner – July 2016

At our Commissioners meeting on June 28th we voted to provide funding through Act 13 Legacy Funds to support the Sullivan County YMCA program in hopes that more students can attend.  With this one time grant the cost per student to attend Sullivan County Y programs for a week will be $50. That’s $10 per day for a student to attend camp. The weekly day camp fee includes a small breakfast, healthy lunch and afternoon snack and field trips. Any student age 5-16 in Sullivan County is welcome to take advantage of this program.  The summer Y program also offers a weekly trip to the pool in Towanda. The camp is located at the Sullivan County Elementary school and it’s held Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 and after care is available. Campers can register for one week or all remaining weeks. Each week is a different theme and we hope families will take advantage of having YMCA programs here in Sullivan County. Parents must register their child Wednesday before the week their child plans to attend. To register call Katie or Charity at 570-268-9622.
An Addiction Awareness program is being held on September 8th, 2016 at 7pm at the Sullivan County High School Auditorium.  We are cosponsoring this addiction awareness program with Sullivan/Wyoming President Judge Russell D. Surtleff. The program is being held to bring awareness of the affect addiction can have on an individual and families dealing with addiction.  Aaron Kelly, Sullivan County American Idol finalist will be opening up the night and we will have a list of speakers from all sides of the addiction problem. Anyone can become an addict. Our goal is to provide attendees with information to help them learn about the ramifications of addiction on individuals, their families and society. This national problem that is also affecting people right here in Sullivan County.  This is not just a big city problem it can affect anyone. This is becoming one of the biggest social problems of our lifetime. This crisis affects all social classes and heroin and opiates can be easily purchased on the streets of Sullivan County or the streets of Philadelphia.  Our hope is that attendees will come away with an understanding of this problem, how they can help and where they can go for help. More information will be coming as the event gets closer.  Please mark your calendars and come to this worthwhile program. Light refreshments will be served. Doors open at 6:30.
Wylie Norton
Brian Hoffman
Donna Iannone

Press Release – Voter Registration Participation

A private non-profit organization called the Voter Participation Center is currently mailing notices to citizens in all 67 counties in the Commonwealth about the accuracy of their voter registration records. It appears that the organization intends to mail additional letters in September.
Please be advised that the Sullivan County Voter Registration Office is NOT affiliated with the Voter Participation Center or its mailings.

If you receive a letter from the Voter Participation Center, do not trust any information it contains – we have determined that most of their information appears to be incorrect and/or out-of-date. As a general rule, do not trust any communication about your voter registration status that does not come directly from your county voter registration office.

If you have any questions about your voter registration record, DO NOT contact this organization – instead, contact the Sullivan County Voter Registration Office at (570) 946-5201.

Two Sullivan County Natives Heading To 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio

Sullivan County with a population of around 6,500 people has 2 Sullivan county graduates that will be competing on one of the world’s largest sporting stages in August.

Josh Richmond will be competing in his second Olympics in Men’s Double trap. Recently, he won the gold in the world cup that was held in Italy. In 2014, he won the world double trap title.


In double trap shooters, stand with their shotguns typically a 12 –gauge, over under models – at a series of five shooting stations set 16 yards back from where the targets are thrown. The targets fly about 50 to 60 yards down the range before an on –target shot breaks them apart.

At age 5 Josh shot his first shotgun and at age 11 he began shooting competitively. Josh is currently a member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit from Fort Benning, GA. In 2012 he placed 16th the London Games in double trap. In 2010, he was the World Championship Gold medal and equaled the world Record.

Josh shoots a Perazzi 12 gauge shotgun. Currently, he is taking classes on line from Troy State University.

Sullivan County native, Morgan Craft is on her way to her 1st Olympics in Rio. Morgan is a graduate of Sullivan County High School. In 2015, she graduated from Lindenwood University with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is now pursuing a seat in DeSales University’s physician assistant masters program.


Morgan began her career at the North Mountain Shooting club. Over the past eight years Morgan has came up through the ranks of international skeet shooting. Starting in 4H and SCTP (scholastic clay target program) she shot throughout her high school career and went on to college to compete also. She has been on the US National Team for the past 4 years and has traveled across the world competing in World Cups from Peru and Guadalajara to Dubai and Spain and beyond.

Morgan earned a 2016 Olympic Team nomination in September 2015 through USA Shooting’s Olympic Points system as a result of her World Championship gold performance in Italy and backed by silver and bronze-medal performances in back-to-back World Cup events prior to that in 2015. She didn’t finish outside the top-eight internationally once in six events in 2015. She started off 2016 with her first World Cup gold in Cyprus in March.

Morgan will be competing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 12. Morgan is from Muncy Valley.

Outside shooting Morgan enjoys hunting, traveling, and skiing. Growing up she was heavily involved with various conservation organizations such as National Wild Turkey Federation, Safari Club International, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Ducks Unlimited.

April 26, 2016 Primary Election Results

Below are unofficial election result totals from the April 26, 2016 Primary Election. If you have any questions please call the Election Bureau at (570) 946-5201.

Republican Primary Election Results

President of The United States United States Senator
  • Ted Cruz – 243
  • Marco Rubio – 12
  • Ben Carson – 12
  • Jeb Bush – 9
  • John R. Kasich – 183
  • Donald J. Trump – 840
  • Pat Toomey – 1,083
Attorney General Auditor General
  • Joe Peters – 615
  • John Rafferty – 457
  • John Brown – 989
State Treasurer Representative in Congress
  • Otto Voit – 963
  • Tom Marino – 1,122
Senator in the General Assembly Representative in the General Assembly
  • Gene Yaw – 1,123
  • Tina Pickett – 1,194
Delegate to the National Convention Alternate Delegate to the National Convention
  • Ryan Belz – 185
  • Nancy Schrader – 214
  • Krystle Bristol – 109
  • John Wells – 232
  • Mark E. Stoicheff – 95
  • Carol D. Sides – 272
  • Charles Brewer – 125
  • Pat Saylor – 171
  • Mark F. Holt – 123
  • Tina Pickett – 971
  • Dave Huffman – 140
  • Mario Scavello – 285
  • Mark J. Harris – 88
  • Jonathan Hayes – 93
  • Jonathan Hayes – 583
  • Irene C. Harris – 484
County Committeman Abolishing Philadelphia Traffic Court Amendment
  • Colley Township
    Burton Adams – 44
    Henrietta Ross – 38
  • Dushore Boro
    P. Dean Homer – 93
  • Laporte Township
    Walter Botsford – 48
  • Laporte Boro
    R. Robert Raff – 41
    Robin Simpson – 41
  • Yes – 832
  • No – 619

Democratic Primary Election Results

President of The United States United States Senator
  • Hillary Clinton – 312
  • Bernie Sanders – 295
  • Roque Rocky De La Fuente – 13
  • Joseph J. Vodvarka – 26
  • John Fetterman – 70
  • Joe Sestak – 183
  • Katie McGinty – 360
Attorney General Auditor General
  • John Morganelli – 189
  • Josh Shapiro – 289
  • Stephen A. Zappala Jr. – 122
  • Eugene A. Depasquale – 505
State Treasurer Representative in Congress
  • Joe Torsella – 526
  • No candidates.
Senator in the General Assembly Representative in the General Assembly
  • No candidates.
  • No candidates.
Delegate to the National Convention Alternate Delegate to the National Convention
  • Lon R. Diffenderfer – 278
  • Branin Boyd – 279
  • Michael Desrosiers – 267
  • J. Christopher Munley – 289
  • Alison Duncan Hirsch – 279
  • Gerry Carey – 277
  • Claudette Williams – 272
  • Russel E. Baker II – 253
  • Ardis JP Mason – 265
  • David Fallk – 241
  • No candidates.
Abolishing Philadelphia Traffic Court Amendment
  • Yes – 401
  • No – 288

Press Release – Housing Rehab Program Call For Contractors


For Immediate Release:

Media Contact:
Chelsea M. Myers 570-946-5207 or cmyers@sullivancounty-pa.us



SULLIVAN COUNTY, PA. – The County of Sullivan provides a Housing Rehabilitation Program for county residents funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). This program was developed to improve the health and safety of residents, promote vibrant communities and neighborhoods, and maintain the inventory of affordable housing in Sullivan County while reducing displacement of low income families.

To better serve its residents, the county is currently developing a list of contractors that will be eligible to bid on all housing rehabilitation projects. Individual housing rehab project budgets range from $1,000 to $35,000 with typically 120 days allowed for completion of work once the contract has been awarded.

Contractors interested in applying for inclusion on the contractor list must attend the Contractor Orientation meeting on Thursday, April 14, at 6 p.m., at the Sullivan County Courthouse located at 245 Muncy Street, Laporte, PA 18626. The orientation will address specific details such as program goals, guidelines and work specifications as outlined by the Susquehanna Economic Development Association-Council of Governments, SEDA-COG. Additional questions will also be answered at that time.

For more information regarding the Sullivan County Contractor Orientation for the Housing Rehabilitation Program, please contact Chelsea Myers by phone: 570-946-5207 or e-mail: cmyers@sullivancounty-pa.us.