Drug And Alcohol Counseling Now Available In Sullivan County

A Better Today (ABT) has begun providing Drug and Alcohol counseling services for Sullivan County. The Sullivan County Board of Commissioners encourage anyone that wants to utilize this service to please contact ABT at (570) 344-1444 or (570) 265-6700. It has taken over a year and a half to be able to provide these services in Sullivan County. The Commissioners are excited that we can finally offer drug and alcohol counseling to the citizens of Sullivan County. The goal is to be able to provide more behavioral health counseling services for residents so that people don’t have to drive out of the county. This is one step in that direction. The Sullivan County Medical Center currently offers tele-psychiartry services. Pennsylvania leads the nation in drug overdoses among men aged 12-25. And we are ninth in the nation across the general population.

ABT has an office at the courthouse and they will expand hours as their client base grows to include evening sessions. They will accept anyone seeking treatment whether or not they have insurance. They feel treatment should be considered for everyone and they do not want insurance to impede treatment needs. They will also support families of those affected by drug and alcohol abuse as well as the one suffering.

ABT has a twenty-nine-year history of out-patient substance abuse treatment programs serving the citizens of Northeast Pennsylvania. Since their inception in 1988, ABT has become a specialist in evidence-based programming.

A Better Today provides some or all of the following Alcohol and Drug services:

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Screening / Assessment Services
  • Quantitative Testing and Evaluation Services.
  • Intervention Services.
  • Out-patient AOD Therapy Services.
  • Intensive Out-patient Therapy Services.
  • Individual Therapy Services.
  • Partial Hospitalization Services.

If you would like to find out more about ABT please give them a call at (570) 344-1444 or (570) 265-6700. They want to make a difference for Sullivan County.